The Who?

Hi Readers! To answer you, that would be me! Dr. Wajiha. I am going to ramble on a bit about myself on the expense of sounding like an absolute narc! So, I am a dentist by profession, currently on a hiatus from that life. Also a wife to this annoyingly endearing man standing right next to me. I am originally from Pakistan, and at the moment residing in Saudi Arabia.
Dark Chocolates, Christopher Nolan movies and thriller T.V shows are my weaknesses.
Strengths? That would have to be my family, husband and my best friends... oh and also some inner qualities that I might have.

The Why?

So, recently my passion for cooking and hosting has taken over all of my free time. I made this blog for documenting all my culinary adventures, kitchen hacks and party set ups that I do. You will find a fair share of South Asian and Middle Eastern food in the mix on the blog.
Feel free to roam around the site and let me know what you think about it! Have an awesome day!

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